Start DateEnd DateEvents InfoLeafletLocation / Zone
Electrical and electronic waste are hazardous when discarded improperly. Recycle your E-waste at 1 U...

28 Nov 201801 Jan 2019 A Glistening Christmas
Christmas time, time to share our love. Gather up with your family and friends to some fun festive p...
LG Floor Concourse

02 Jan 201931 Jan 2019 Inspiration 3 Art Exhibition 2019
This is a culmination of inspirational interaction between a veteran art instructor who is a renowne...
3rd Floor The Ledge Art Gallery

08 Jan 201921 Jan 2019 F3 Bargain Corner Promotion
Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and Warehouse apparel on bargain sale. ONECARD members enjoy additi...
Grd Floor Bargain Corner

16 Jan 201910 Feb 2019 Splendiferous New Year
It's time of the year where we welcome and celebrate this spring festival. Brighten up your Chinese ...

Start DateEnd DateEvents InfoLeafletLocation / Zone
28 Nov 201801 Jan 2019 Christmas Roadshow by Parkson
Spread the season of gifting to everyone from trim shop to household, great deals await!
LG Floor (near Diamond & Gold)

04 Dec 201802 Jan 2019 Back To School Roadshow by Parkson
Parkson’s Back to School Fair is happening now. Head over to your preferred store and grab all your ...
1st Floor (near Parkson)

17 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 Tomei Roadshow
Prepare yourself and stay captivated with Tomei latest collection.
Grd Floor (near Charles & Keith)

18 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 Home Fair by Parkson
Get the basic cooking utensils and other kitchenware with special offers.
2nd Floor (near Parkson)

18 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 Wacoal Roadshow by Isetan
Discover a wide range of Wacoal inner wear with the perfect fit and choice of exclusive materials in...
1st Floor (near Isetan)

19 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 MOG Roadshow
Looking for a pair of nice branded eyewear? MOG assures you that our wide variety of eyewear collect...
1st Floor (near Baskin Robbins)

24 Dec 201806 Jan 2019 Shoes and Bags Sales Roadshow at Bargain Corner
Enjoy discount up to 50% with Herschel and fitflop brand. ONECARD members are entitled to enjoy addi...
Grd Floor Bargain Corner

24 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 Gold Heart Roadshow
The heart sees what is invisible to the others... Love sees what is most true. Be mesmerized with th...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

26 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 Hyundai Roadshow
Find out all about the details, specifications and promotion available for Hyundai cars
Grd Floor (near H&M)

26 Dec 201801 Jan 2019 SK-II Roadshow by Parkson
Change your skin destiny. Get to know the special offers during the SK-II roadshow
Grd Floor (near Parkson)

01 Jan 201906 Jan 2019 Klorane by Watson
Greasy hair making you self-conscious? Fret not! With the Klorane Nettle range that gently removes e...
Grd Floor (near Sephora)

01 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Cheongsam Promotion by Isetan
Head over and grab your Cheongsam for the coming lunar new year with special promotion. Don't miss o...
2nd Floor (near Isetan)

02 Jan 201906 Jan 2019 HSBC Roadshow
Apply for a HSBC credit card that offers you with wide range of great benefits or rewards points tha...
1st Floor (opposite Swarovski)

02 Jan 201914 Jan 2019 Bedding Fair by Isetan
Style your bedroom and home for less with bedding on sale by Jean Perry and Elise
1st Floor (near Isetan)

02 Jan 201906 Jan 2019 Mercedes-Benz Roadshow
What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year by getting the car of your dreams. Head over to the ro...
Grd Floor (near H&M)

02 Jan 201906 Jan 2019 Star Cruise Roadshow
Discover some of the fascinating islands and destinations in Asia –pacific with Star Cruises by catc...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

03 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 OSIM Roadshow
Come experience First Class massage indulgence with the new OSIM uLove 2 Innovative tech doubles y...
Grd Floor (near Parkson)

03 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Winter Time Roadshow
Make your travel with ease. Shop now and enjoy special discounts for a great range of trolley bags, ...
1st Floor (near Baskin Robbins)

03 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Household & Cookware Roadshow by Parkson
Check out the offers on cookware and household products with special offers.
LG Floor (near Reebok)

03 Jan 201907 Jan 2019 Panasonic Cubie Oven Launch by Best Denki
One oven does the job of multiple pots and facilitates versatile cooking. Let’s check out the Cubie ...
LG Floor Concourse

03 Jan 201914 Jan 2019 Home’s Harmony
Shop for bedding, decorative accents, wall art, rugs, lighting and more! With the latest trends from...
LG Floor (near Hang Ten)

04 Jan 201906 Jan 2019 Milo UHT Roadshow by AEON
Halfway through your goals? Don’t stop now. Have MILO® and nourish your energy. Visit us to find out...
Grd Floor Concourse

08 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Medicube Roadshow by Guardian
Drop by and check out the wide range of Medicube skin care products available with special offers.
Grd Floor (near Sephora)

08 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Systema Roadshow by Watson
Enjoy a thorough clean tooth brushing experience with extra comfort on gums with our Systema toothbr...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

08 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Footefx Roadshow
Promote and sell foot care products that support proper balance and body alignment whilst offering c...
1st Floor (near Russell Salon)

09 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Standard Chartered Roadshow
Apply for Standard Chartered Credit Card and be rewarded with rebates or gift that suits you best
1st Floor (opposite Swarovski)

09 Jan 201913 Jan 2019 Nissan Roadshow
Find out more on Nissan car models and specification. Compare the prices available on each specifica...
Grd Floor (near H&M)

14 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Chinese New Year Men’s Fair by Parkson
Leather shoes, bags and accessories affairs is happening. Grab your favourite shoes, bags and access...
1st Floor (near Parkson)

14 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Chinese New Year Household Promotion by Parkson
Head over to the roadshow to enjoy various great deals for a wide range of cookware!
2nd Floor (near Parkson)

15 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Kids Fair by Isetan
Offering a variety of clothing and dresses for kids with special discounts by Ducati and Jeep
2nd Floor (near Isetan)

15 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Chinese New Year Promotion by Tangs
Joyous CNY celebration at TANGS! Find everything you need from festive décor, gifts to fashion and a...
1st Floor (near Baskin Robbins)

15 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Sorella Roadshow by Isetan
Visit us to discover the various brands of brassiere. Enjoy discount up to 50% on selected bra, ling...
1st Floor (near Isetan)

15 Jan 201921 Jan 2019 Home Appliances by Best Denki
Join us at this roadshow to discover the range of audio visual and gadget with special price
Grd Floor (near H&M)

15 Jan 201910 Feb 2019 Chinese New Year Bedding Fair by Parkson
Furnish your home this Chinese New Year with Akemi bedlinen, cushion and more. Enjoy special promoti...
Grd Floor (near Parkson)

16 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Gintell Roadshow
What's a better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than getting fit? The GINTELL CyberTREK FITuristic...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

16 Jan 201920 Jan 2019 Citibank Roadshow
Applying for a Citibank credit card that will rewards you with cash back or points earning for you t...
1st Floor (opposite Swarovski)

16 Jan 201921 Jan 2019 UOB Roadshow
Enjoy great rewards whenever you spend with UOB Credit Card! Visit us for more details!
2nd Floor (opposite Travel for All)

21 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Shiseido Roadshow by Parkson
Drop by, check out the wide range of Shiseido skin care and make up products available with special ...
Grd Floor (near Charles & Keith)

21 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Jonsson Protein Roadshow
Find out more details about hair treatment and services such as VE Protein Healthy Hair Growth treat...
Grd Floor (near Sephora)

21 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Glo Laser Roadshow
Hight tech beauty in less than 30 minutes! Here at Glo, we give you exactly what your skin needs, No...
1st Floor (opposite Swarovski)

23 Jan 201927 Jan 2019 Honor Roadshow
Explore latest Honor mobile phones and accessories tailor-made to be used for next-gen smartphone us...
Grd Floor Main Entrance (near Michael Kors)

28 Jan 201910 Feb 2019 Men’s Fair by Parkson
Shop for men’s fashion and enjoy special discounts from brands such as Durban, Kickers, Renoma and m...
2nd Floor (near Parkson)

28 Jan 201903 Feb 2019 Alcon Roadshow by Opulence
We all need clear vision to see further, be it for your eyesight or your goals. Don’t let blurry con...
Grd Floor (near Sephora)

28 Jan 201903 Feb 2019 Chinese New Year Beauty Fair by Guardian
Pamper yourself in this Chinese New Year celebration with various brands of health and skin care pro...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

28 Jan 201910 Feb 2019 Intimate Fair by Parkson
Discover a wide range of inner wear with the perfect fit and choice of exclusive materials in the wo...
1st Floor (near Parkson)

29 Jan 201910 Feb 2019 Renoma Men’s Fair by Isetan
Shop for polo tee, short sleeve shirt, bermudas, brief & trunks and more in this festive season. Enj...
1st Floor (near Isetan)

30 Jan 201903 Feb 2019 Mitsubishi Roadshow
Catch a glimpse of Mitsubishi’s newest innovation Triton models in this roadshow
Grd Floor (near H&M)

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